Dow Jones Technical Analysis 2019

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Dow Jones Technical Analysis - January 2017

Below is Technical Analysis for the Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA ).  All information is based on my sole opinion.  I use technical analysis to identify where buyers and sellers are likely to exist.  These areas are what I refer to as support and resistance levels.  Technical Analysis allows me to form a game plan before a trading session.  It also allows me to indentify the current trend of the overall stock market (Uptrend or Downtrend).  Most successful investors and traders use technical analysis on a daily basis.  While technical analysis can get really technical, I only use high and low points as well as three moving averages (10 day, 50 day, 200 day moving average).  In addition to the moving averages I use for the Dow Jones, I also look at volume.  For more on the stock market, visit my blog -

Dow Jones Outlook 2017 - The Dow Jones and Stock Market are soaring into 2017 because of Donald Trump's amazing Presidential victory.  Trump will be investing in infrastructure and reversing a lot of the negative Obama policies which is hindering growth.  The Dow Jones just broke 19,000 and should easily hit 20,000-21,000 in 2017.  Pullbacks below 18,000 are a super strong buy for the long term.

Dow Jones Technical Analysis
Dow Jones Outlook 2017
Dow Jones Analysis 2017